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What I write:

As a father with three little ones always peeking over my shoulder, I know how hard it is to find entertainment the whole family enjoys.

My mission is to create captivating stories, interesting plots and characters, all while keeping things clean for younger readers. It’s a rewarding challenge that I enjoy.

This is my promise to you:

-My content is absolutely free of sex and profanity.

-My content uses action sparingly to create suspense.

-Violence is never the objective of my protagonists.

-I endeavor to keep multiple ages engaged throughout the entire story.


If you want to know more about me, I was born in the living room of a brown two-story house settled in the woodlands of Midland, Michigan.

My passion lies in writing fiction. When I type, I follow the character into impossible situations that I didn’t know were coming. The experience is enthralling. There’s a whole universe to writing, and I am the explorer—eager to share what I discover.

As a family man with high morals, I value captivating entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Parts of my writing draw on my experience with trauma—I essentially grew up with PTSD. Thus, many of my characters have varying degrees of trauma that they have experienced. I enjoy writing about them, showing people just what trauma can do to a person, and offering validation to those who know it too well.

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