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First, what do I write?

Unique content: Kid-friendly and engaging for adults.

As a father with three little ones always peeking over my shoulder, I know how hard it is to find entertainment for the whole family. Things are either too scary, too violent, too crazy, too sexy, have profanity up the wazoo, or just plain dull.

My mission is to provide quality content fit for the whole family. We all need an escape—something that refreshes us. A vacation would be fantastic. But let’s face it, that’s not always practical—even if you do have the spending money for it. That’s why we turn on the TV or browse our social media. Our brain is searching for an escape, trying to find a reboot. The problem is finding it—or rather, finding something for everyone.

This is my promise to you:

  • My content is absolutely free of sex and profanity.
  • My content uses action sparingly to create suspense.
  • Violence is never the objective of my protagonists.
  • I endeavor to keep multiple ages engaged throughout the entire story.

Parents should be able to enjoy entertainment with their kids and vice versa.

While most content is suitable for Upper Middle-Grade, you may find my work advertised as YA or even Adult. But my ethics are always the same. So never fear venturing into a new tier of reading when you’re with me.

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